[TowerTalk] LM400 Coax Strippers

Roger (K8RI) K8RI-on-TowerTalk at tm.net
Wed Sep 24 22:30:58 EDT 2008

Bernard wrote:
>     I have been doing a few web searches for LM400 coax strippers and haven't found much.  There are a few in the $10-20 range, but I am not sure how well or how long they will work.
>     Do any of you have a favorite LM400 coax stripper?  If so, what website can I find it?

Try either RF Parts or the RF Connection.  I don't remember where I 
purchased the one I have but it works fairly well. IIRC it has no 
markings on it. It uses three adjustable blades and works fairly well on 
both LMR-400 and Davis BuryFlex although it had to be adjusted between 
the two.  Also if not adjusted properly or the blades are dull it will 
tend to spiral rater than cutting straight.  There is also another type 
that just fits over the end of the coax and you twist it on. I've never 
used one of those but I understand they do a pretty good job.  There's a 
bit of a learning curve, but it's pretty shallow. In an hour of so last 
week we cut 6 lengths of Davis BuryFlex and installed 12 crimp type UHF 
connectors. When all set up and every thing is working right you can 
strip the coax and put on a connector in about a minute.  They DO NOT 
work well on LMR-400 UF (Ultra Flex)  They just grab the jacket and it 
kinda bunches up.

Some times I just use the box cutter I usually have on my belt instead 
of hunting for the strippers. That's particularly true if new blades are 
needed or changing types of coax.

73 and good luck,

Roger (K8RI)

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