[TowerTalk] DELTA LOOP

Eric - VE3GSI ve3gsi at sympatico.ca
Thu Sep 25 11:13:56 EDT 2008


Horizontal or Vertical loop?

The reason I ask, if you are thinking of a vertical delta loop, have a look
for an article on the Cebik website about 'self contained verticals' or SCV
antennas. The design of these delta loop antennas require no matching stub.
I built one for 40 meters this past summer and have been pleased with the
match as well as the performance.

Eric - VE3GSI

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Subject: [TowerTalk] DELTA LOOP

One stupid question:

When building a delta loop one need a 1/4 wave piece of 75 ohm coax to match
the antenna to the 50 Ohm feed. Can the 75 ohm be replaced with a 2:1 balun?


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