[TowerTalk] 'new' technique for feeding towers.

Ralph Matheny mathenyr at marietta.edu
Thu Sep 25 12:25:06 EDT 2008

Use skirt feed here with considerable success.  I have a 70' tower with a
40M beam on top, and I use skirt wires to "shunt feed" the tower on 80 and 
160.  It has worked well; I use 4 wires, spaced out about 3 feet from the
tower.  I have suggested such feed to several fellows with little 
interest.  By using such feed one can get a wide variety of matching 
options which are often easier to make up.

There is another forgotten variation--in my old Antenna Engineering text
I believe it is Therman who shows a wire dropped down thru the center of
a tower, which is then fed at the bottom thru a network.  That idea would 
be great for large cross section towers.

As mentioned, the same method can be used to de-tune a tower or 
sectionalize it without using an insulator.

Ralph Matheny
207 Gibbons Place
Marietta Ohio  45750
mathenyr at marietta.edu

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