[TowerTalk] Cable Stripper Cost savings-Response by DAVIS RF Co.

Steve Davis -Davis RF Co. sdavis at davisrf.com
Fri Sep 26 10:25:10 EDT 2008

Hi Folks,  The RFA-4087, as Larry points out, is a real good stripper.  Sold 
for $ 48 or more elsewhere (above the mfr. suggested list), we sell it for $ 
36.00,  below mfr. sug. list).   We also have crimp tools with 
interchangeable die (vs. many you have to buy the tool with permanently 
affixed die for one cable or similar sized cables).

   Any parts, tools,  PolyPhaser, etc. related to our core biz of wire, 
cable and custom cable design,  please run by me as I think you will always 
find the price, tech insight, product experience and Customer Satisfaction 
to be noteworthy.
73,   Steve ,  K1PEK

DAVIS RF Co.,   Div. of Orion Wire Co.

Wire, Cable, RF Connectors and wire aerial parts.   LMR, Heliax, Eupen

Commercial / Military / & Custom Cable Design

tel:  978-369-1738     Fax:  978-369-3484

   TowerTalk at contesting.com:
I really like the RFA-4087 from RF Parts
(http://www.rfparts.com/coax_accessories.html , under "Coax Strippers and
Prep Tools" toward the bottom of the page). Sells for $48.90 and works with
LMR-400, LMR-400UF, RG8, 213, 214 and 9913 per their catalog. I used mine on
regular LMR400 for a complete antenna installation at my new QTH. Never had
to change the blades. It looks like a cheap-o plastic stripper in the
catalog, but it is die-cast zinc and heavy duty. I have used the Ripley
Cablematic on RG-8 and much prefer the RFA-4087. These are really slick.
Couple one of these with a crimp connector made for the LMR-400 and you have
a solid, quick connection.

- Larry K5RK

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