[TowerTalk] Recommendation for two stage crank up tower.

Tyler, Mark Mark.Tyler at Metrix1.com
Fri Sep 26 15:29:56 EDT 2008

Lost TH7DXX & 42' crank up tower from IKE.


The tower was made locally 30 years ago; the ham has passed away.


Looking for the dos and don't.


I plan to replace the TH7DXX with a beam I can lift easily versus the 90
pound TH7DXX.



Will need to make an adapter plate for any tower - this should not be a

Do not believe it would be wise to go higher (55')  do not want to
overload the base. ( since it was designed for a two stage tower;
smaller foot print.)



---  what company is recommended to purchase from?




Mark Tyler






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