[TowerTalk] Antenna raising to mast problem

Mark Robinson markrob at mindspring.com
Sun Sep 28 13:20:07 EDT 2008

I always clamp a small piece of angle iron the mast so that the boom can sit 
on it while I am clamping the boom to the mast. The angle iron is at right 
angles to the boom.The angle iron takes the weight of the beam while you are 
clamping tight.

If it was my antenna I would leave well alone. If the pattern is skewed so 
what, as you are rotating the beam to the best position anyway. Just my take 
on it.

73 de Mark N1UK G3ZZM

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> Can someone help, Im trying to make this job a bit easier. my mosely ta-33 
> a has a slightly bent reflector radial and the left side of the radial is 
> about 6" closer to the driven element than the right side. Im wondering if 
> this will effect preformance, If not i would love to leave it up and 
> forget about thaking it down. The antenna's swr is very good on all bands 
> but wondering if the difference in the spacing will skew the pattern. If i 
> need to take it down how can i raise it back up so the antenna will be 
> level so i can clamp it back to the mast without is see-saw'ing. Any help 
> will greatly be appreciated by all you antenna/tower wizards. thanks guys.
> tony k2vi
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