[TowerTalk] FS Force 12 HF beams

Jack beefus at fuse.net
Tue Sep 30 23:00:06 EDT 2008


I recently took down my 8 year old Force 12 HF beams and they are for sale.
They are in very good condition, and are complete with original
documentation.  I am including a complete set of new U-bolts,  saddles
and turnbuckles.  Also includes spare F12 rivets.

There are two dual monobander antennas:

Force 12 Magnum 620/340  44ft boom  105 lbs.  13.4 sq ft

3 elements on 40 with 5.2 dbd gain.   44.5' element length linear loaded.

6 elements on 20 with 7.8 dbd gain.


Force 12 Magnum 415/510  36ft boom  46 lbs.   6.1 sq ft

4 elements on 15 with 6.8 dbd gain.

5 elements on 10 with 7.0 dbd gain.

The 40 meter elements will need new solid Alumoweld or stranded,
tinned copper clad steel number 12 wire for the linear loading.
The steel truss cables may also need to be replaced.

The antennas are on the ground and have been partially disassembled.

Price is $950 for both, pickup only near Cincinnati, Ohio.  The new
price for a Magnum 620 (which does NOT have 40 meter elements) is
currently $1899 from Force 12.

Please email if interested.


Jack, WB8BFS

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