[TowerTalk] Video surveillance for remote tower

Bill Conwell (home) bill at conwellpdx.com
Thu Aug 13 21:15:07 PDT 2009

I'm preparing to erect a tower and antennas at a weekend retreat house that
is often vacant.  We haven't had any trouble leaving the place unattended to
date, but I'm a bit concerned that a tall tower might attract unwanted
attention while we're away.


Does anyone have experience with video surveillance systems for their
towers?  Desirably, I'd like something that might be solar-powered and
connect wirelessly to the home network (lest someone be tempted to cut
cables from the ground), although that isn't strictly essential.  A motion
sensor - either in the camera, or in software on the associated computer -
that captures frames when motion is detected would be a plus.


Paul Nyland, K7PN, referred me to Axis products (www.axis.com
<http://www.axis.com/> ) which offers a variety of systems.  Particularly
interesting is one that is remotely steerable, with autofocus and an 18X
zoom.  But the $1200+ price is a bit off-putting.  And while steerability is
a great feature while you're watching the image, I envision the camera will
mostly collect imagery unattended, which I'd review only infrequently.  If
the price were modest, I could install several static cameras - capturing
different views.


'Suggestions (including anecdotes about arrangements to avoid) are welcomed.




/Bill, K2PO

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