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David Gilbert xdavid at cis-broadband.com
Thu Aug 20 12:20:53 PDT 2009

In my opinion, you really need to rethink what you have planned.  Just 
because nobody is going to get killed climbing the tower doesn't mean it 
isn't going to cause property damage or physical harm when it falls 
over.  Imagine the leverage that 40 feet of tower has on 18 inches of 
concrete base (the radius) ... it's huge.  Plus, your elevator is going 
to add even more wind loading than would be the case just with the quad 
and rotor, and you're already exceeding the manufacturer's specs.

Which brings up another point.  If someone does get hurt as the result 
of an installation that you know up front doesn't meet spec (and 
therefore code), it seems to me that at the very least you have an 
indefensible position in a legal proceeding.

Lastly, if you don't include the guys up front, how are you going to 
determine whether or not they are necessary later?  Once the tower 
starts to tilt in a strong wind it isn't going to pause while you add 
the guys.

Dave   AB7E

Tom Horton wrote:
> I forgot to add that the tower will not be climbed, but will have an elevator for the quad and rotor. So that shouldn't be much of a problem. The elevator will have the cable strung prior to placing the tower in the hole. The tower is going to be installed in one piece.
> Guys can always be added if necesary.
> Tom 
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