[TowerTalk] Remove Tower Base

Mike mikestahoe at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 23 20:18:08 PDT 2009

Google a product called betonomite. 

Basically drill a few holes with a hammer drill and pack the 
holes with the betonomite paste per the instructions and wait. 
In 24-48 hours the block will fracture and seperate.  

I've used the product to bust up some boulders in my basement
that were the size of a volkswagon.  Works great.


To: <towertalk at contesting.com>
Subject: [TowerTalk] Remove Tower Base
From: "NA5U Shack"
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2009 22:54:47 -0500

I need to remove my concrete tower base. I have heard there is a compound 
can be put into holes that have drilled in the concret that will expand 
it apart. Does anyone know what the solution is and where to find it.
Mike, NA5U 


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