[TowerTalk] Philly installation

Jim Chaggaris jimc at pwrone.com
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Okay, I'll bite.  What if I am intending to install a AB-577 mast sans the
included guys and I want to use 4000i Phyllistran for the top 2 sets of
guys.  Is this over kill?


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>>  Nothing  says you have to tension the cable to a  particular fraction of

> it's  breaking strength. It's more a matter of  the desired tension for  
> appropriate stability for the  structure.  You could tension million  
> pound breaking strength  cable to the same few hundred pounds as the the  
> regular non-EHS  cable.
>     Are you saying that there is no particular  tension specification for
> guy cable? Please clarify. Since you're an  experienced tower owner, I'd
> shocked if your tower guys were tensioned at  some random tension. 

Not at all.. just that the tension spec is derived from the expected 
loads, not the breaking strength of what you're tensioning.  Obviously, 
there's not much to be gained by using a very low strength member 
(because you want the static tension to be a small fraction of the 
dynamic loads..)

But, if you have a given tower, with given loads, the expected loads on 
the guys would be independent of what the guys happen to be made of or 
how strong they are.

There are some second order effects because stronger materials tend to 
have higher stiffness, but I suspect that's not a big deal.


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