[TowerTalk] tramming antennas

Gregg Seidl k9kl at centurytel.net
Thu Jul 9 06:34:26 PDT 2009

I'm getting ready to tram up a M2  6M-7JHV to 77 feet on a guyed Rohn 45 
tower. I have never trammed one up but have seen many pictures of it being 
done. Have a few questions,I know this is a smaller lighter antenna which is 
why I want to try with this one first before I do my M2 75/80 meter 
rotatable dipole late this year or early next year.
 1. How far apart should the 2 support lines be?
 2. I'm thinking about using aluminium pipes to slide along the support 
lines with the boom of the antenna bolted to these pipes?
 3.Do you use a pipe with pulleys to take up the slack of the support lines 
or do you take the slack out at the ground level?
 4. How high up the mast should you go,I know thats a generic question but 
is something like 2 feet doable without backguying the mast? My mast is 2 
inch .25 wall DOM 1026
 5.Do you mount the pulley on the mast that will be pulling the antenna up 
the support lines at the pipe level or slightly up the mast?
 6. What do you use for a support line?
 7. Is it helpful to attach something to keep the slider pipes at the same 
distance and then attach the antenna to this or can you use the boom to keep 
the slider pipes going up at the same rate?
 8. Is it better to go back as far as partical or get just beyond the guy 
point? I have 2 antennas side mounted on this tower that are on swinging 
gates so the guys are out about 120 feet for clearance for the lower 
antennas to turn.
 9. Anything I'm missing or forgetting?
   Gregg  K9KL 

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