[TowerTalk] Temperature compensation

Steve Maki StevesLists1 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 11:54:35 PDT 2009

That's correct Mike.

Steve K8LX

Mike wrote:
> Thanks Steve -
> That works. The tension is displayed as a decimal fraction. .37 would be 
> 370 lbs., right?
> Mike NF4L
> Steve Maki wrote:
>> ****file attached****
>> Mike,
>> I attached the version I have that works with Excel 2000. Give it a try.
>> Anchor radius is the distance between the anchor and the tower. If you 
>> have only one set of anchors (IOW three all together), put the radius 
>> (let's say 60) in any of the radius fields - let's say you use "inner".
>> Put the target temperature in the Average Temperature cell.
>> Then in the Guy Wire Info section put Guy Wire Level (height), and use 
>> the drop down lists for Anchor and guy size.
>> That should do it...
>> Steve K8LX
>> Mike wrote:
>>> Thanks Steve - Is the spreadsheet at 
>>> http://www.editgrid.com/user/charlietfl/Guy_Pulse_Calculator the one
>>>  you're talking about? If so, what is the Anchor Radius? I'm trying
>>> to use it online because downloading it gives me a really messed up
>>> sheet. Maybe incompatible with my version of Excel. The instructions
>>> are probably OK for someone who knows all the terms and math, but I'm
>>> struggling a bit. All I get in the tension cells is #N/A. I was
>>> planning on using a Loos gauge. 73, Mike
>>> Steve Maki wrote:
>>>> The compensation varies depending on the guy length, but at lower 
>>>> temperatures you want more tension, and at higher temperatures you
>>>>  want less.
>>>> Do a Google search on "guy pulse tension calculator". You will find
>>>> a handy spreadsheet that is mainly designed to calculate pulse
>>>> times for use in the pulse method of measuring guy tensions. It can
>>>> be found for download, and there is an online fillable site. The
>>>> spreadsheet will give you the information you need after inputing
>>>> temperature, guy size, anchor distance, and guy height.
>>>> BTW the pulse method is a very good method of tension measurement
>>>> IF you are using continuous strands of EHS (not broken up with
>>>> insulators).
>>>> 73,
>>>> Steve K8LX
>>>> Mike wrote:
>>>>> Rohn specs call for 400 lbs. of guy tension at 60 degrees F.
>>>>> Anybody know how to adjust that for different temperatures?

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