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Hi Tim,

Personally I think you should leave the oxidation alone as long as it doesn't block anything or make it impossible to assemble the tower. 

You always have a oxide layer on aluminum. That's what makes it resistant to corrosion. I
would definitely not recommend any treatment with acid as (my experience) you never can fully remove the recidues from the acid and will run the risk of harmful oxidation after that. Absolutely stay away from hydroflouric acid. That (again my experience. Had a hydroflouric?acid burn that lasted for months.) is very hard to remove.

73 de Hans, N2JFS

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Recently obtained several lengths of lightweight "Bud" tower, some of which has 
a lot of oxidation.  The gent from whom I bought the tower had one length 
"dipped" by a company now no longer in business and this section looks great.

I'd like some advice on what solution to use and the strength.  I am
inclined to think the tower had been dipped in a dilute solution of hydroflouric 

I've experience working with such materials and have the proper safety gear.



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