[TowerTalk] Cable Runs

Tod -ID tod at k0to.us
Mon Jul 27 18:05:50 PDT 2009


You have convinced me to change the 1/8" ropes to the wire. I need to add a few
more runs to each of the conduits this summer and when I do I will make the
switch. Thanks for the idea.

73, Tod, K0TO  

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> As a construction Electrician the past 25 years, the only 
> thing I can add to Tod's install is to pull a #10 or #10 
> stranded THHN wire in the conduit, instead of a rope, or 
> string. It's been my experience, that using a string or  rope 
> for future pulls is not a good idea.  The rope will ALWAYS 
> wrap around  other cables, and when you pull it out, it WILL 
> burn thru insulation.  
> If  you use a wire ( and lots of lube like Tod says), it'll 
> slip right past the  others. 
> Hi idea of separating the 120 volts from the other cables is 
> GREAT idea also.  Plus, the electrical code prohibits that, 
> unless the insulation on  the control cable is rated for same 
> voltage ( i.e. 600 volts). 
> Tod, sounds like a great install!  I would follow his advice!
> 73- Chuck KI9A

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