[TowerTalk] Rohn 45 Mid Tilt section questions

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Wed Jul 29 20:04:36 PDT 2009


I emailed you a PDF document of the information from the old Rohn 
catalog showing the specifications and ratings for the 25G/45G Fold-Over tower.

Tom- N4NW
At 01:46 PM 7/29/2009, you wrote:
>Hey guys -
>I have come across Rohn 45 section that is hinged in the middle for tilt
>Would anyone know what kind of weight this can handle as in number of tower
>sections capable above this
>and the weight or size of the antenna that can be mounted above it ??
>I know they don't sell them any longer and I have called a few place to ask
>but they have no current information
>just on the base plate tilt ones.
>Suggestions ??
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