[TowerTalk] Electric Hoist

Dennis Vernacchia n6ki73 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 13:52:54 PST 2009

Hi Scotty,

Yes, am aware of HOISTs vs Winches and what there INTENDED use

looks like they need to be Weather proofed though as not meant to be in the
( and also 110Vac as opposed to 12VDC )

Did U weatherproof yours ( like you really get any rain in Phoenix ! )

I think a WARN 3700 lB lift with mechanical Brake would also work but wanted
tpo see
if anyone  has used a Winch and which one.

OI am a bit leary of Harbor Freight Chinese made Junque
and would rather recommend a quality product
( if such exists anymore since seems like nothing is made in USA anymore )

73, Dennis N6KI

On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 1:44 PM, Scotty Rathjen <scotty at ashiko.com> wrote:

>  Hi Dennis OM,
> I have installed many electric HOISTS on both MA-40 s Ma-550 and Wilson
> tubular towers.
> The word you must know is HOIST.  Not winch.  Winches are rated to pull
> things (not lift things) and are NOT AT ALL THE SAME RATING as a Hoist.
> Busy here, but the bottom line is this: For your MA-40 (or equivalent
> tower) you can use the Harbor Freight 1300 Pound (double line) rated HOIST.
> I have a brand new one here in metro Phoenix if you are near here or just
> you can just get one at your local Harbor Freight.
> 73 KI,
> scotty
> w7sw
> w7sw at ARRL.NET

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