[TowerTalk] Radome PVC vs CPVC

Bill Aycock baycock at hughes.net
Wed Mar 4 14:31:39 PST 2009

I am interested in these, and I have a few questions, of importance only to 
1. Do you have a reference for the specific design or procedure? An article, 
book or such?
2. How small is your version of small?
3. How are you going to connect to them?
4. Transmit, receive, or both?

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> I'm building a few small loop antennas for 10 and 6 meters.  I will be 
> using
> CPVC 3/4" dia tubing and poly-urethane foam spacers to keep the #10 Cu 
> wire
> centered.
> Will the CPVC plastic apart a static charge and increase the noise on the
> loop ?  Is it necessary to keep the wire from touching the Plastic ?
> I will also spray the CPVC with a UV protector.
> Tnx de Skip   K3CC
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