[TowerTalk] dx blaster antenna

Steve Hunt steve at karinya.net
Thu Mar 5 08:45:55 PST 2009

That just illustrates how silly some of this stuff can get!

An increase in power from 80W to 500W is about 8dB. That would show up 
as just over 1 S-unit on a meter calibrated at 6dB/S-unit.

5 S-units on the same meter would need the power to go up to 80KW !!!

Steve G3TXQ

WA6RKN wrote:
> On average, again, band conditions not withstanding, if I am talking to 
> someone and he is cranking 80 - 90 watts barefoot, and he turns on his 
> amplifier and pumps 500 watts at me, generally speaking, his signal will 
> rise around 5 s-units.

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