[TowerTalk] phasing multiband verticals

vhfplus at bmg50.com vhfplus at bmg50.com
Tue Mar 10 08:15:39 PDT 2009

How about cost? I, personally, can hardly afford a single 325-foot run of
coax to my 65-foot DX Engineering verticals, much less two! If you have
deep pockets, go for it, but some of us don't!

Jack, W6NF
Silver Springs, NV

> Who and more importantly WHY was the decision made that the phasing must
> be
> done at the antennas.?.?.?. You can do the phasing in the shack and not
> have
> to run a voltage to the antennas and also isolate the stray R.F. path back
> into the shack.

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