[TowerTalk] Pinning my mast in rotator clamp

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Tom -

I've always pinned my masts to the rotators, including a G-1000DXA and
G-2800DXA.  I've had no problems with the moderate size antennas I use, e.g.
4-el SteppIR, Magnum 240N 2-el 40.

My reasoning was that I didn't want to risk slippage and then have to go up
and realign the antenna.  If the rotator broke because it was pinned to the
mast, I felt that just meant I needed a bigger rotator.

The only interesting thing I can add to this discussion is the fact that
bolts used to pin antennas to masts do shear.  I thought the force required
to shear even a low grade bolt would be enough to destroy any rotator.
Apparently not so, as I've heard many stories about even high grade bolts
shearing before the rotator failed.

73, Bob - W3YY 

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Hi All..
  My Yaesu G-1000DXA manual say's to drill thru the mast & put a bolt thru
the rotator & mast to keep it (the mast) from turning in the clamp. I was
told to do a survey here & get everyone's input on doing this as it might be
a bad idea..
                         Thanks for your input!
                            73'..Tom  N3ZC

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