[TowerTalk] Help identifying tower

Robert Morris robrk at nidhog.net
Thu Mar 12 13:13:50 PDT 2009

Charles Mills wrote:
> hi all,
>     Does anyone from Towertalk Land happen to  remember or know anything
> about the SW PA Police Radio project involving Motorola Micor Base Stations
> from circa 1973?
>      As part of this project there were a number of towers installed, most
> were of the free standing 100' variety.  I believe they were Rohn towers.
>      I realize this is pretty vague but does anyone think that with some
> pictures and detailed measurements they could identify a model here?  I
> believe it is a Rohn tower.
>      I have had one of these 100' monsters given to me.  Before the
> permitting process can start, etc. not to mention the specs for the hole,
> rebar and how many yards of concrete so it is a safe install I need to
> identify it at least.  Would like to get this thing erected this summer if
> at all possible.
> Chuck / W3YNI

Worked on the system for Motorola.. Every self support I saw was Rohn SS. 
Depending on height needed and wind load, determined what sections were used.
Look on cross braces for stamped numbers, like 5N, 6N. Google for Rohn's book.
What site is it? A tribute to Motorola and your tax dollar at work, many of 
those Micors are still in service with the PSP.

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