[TowerTalk] DX Engineering 66-Foot Vertical?

RICHARD SOLOMON w1ksz at q.com
Fri Mar 13 17:53:17 PDT 2009

The Texas Towers Web catalog lists all the tubing sizes with

OD, ID and for the mathematically challenged, the wall thickness.

Note that there is a small gap between adjoining sizes to allow

for telescoping.

I had about 40' of their tubing sticking out of the top of a Hy-Gain

Hy-Tower. Made a very nice 80 Meter vertical. The secret was a

length of poly rope that I epoxied at the top, and bottom, after

applying tension to the rope. I expect the same should be done to

these 66' verticals, except they will need to be guyed. Left free-

standing is an invitation to bent aluminum.


73, Dick, W1KSZ
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> Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] DX Engineering 66-Foot Vertical?
> Jim Brown wrote:
> >> It would be interesting to see a printout of all the diameters, 
> >> lengths wall thicknesses and any other relevant info for each of 
> >> the aluminum tubing pieces that comprise one of these 66' vertical
> >> antennas.
> >> 
> >
> > Yes, it certainly would. But DXEngineering PAID an engineer to 
> > design that antenna, and they deserve to sell that product to 
> > recover their costs. It's what's called free enterprise. 
> >
> > 
> And purchasing the tubing is free choice. Almost any one on here could 
> design an antenna like that in just a few minutes if they had a list of 
> tubing sizes. OTOH all they'd have to do is call the local aluminum 
> tubing distributor (we have a large one in Saginaw about 20 miles from 
> here), Ask what they had that would slip together to make something like 
> that and they'd even do the work for you and it'd be cheaper still.. 
> For the base you get a piece of PVC conduit and U-bolts. This is about 
> as minimal an antenna you can get with the exception of a dipole and as 
> easy to design. Of course there are many "manufactured" dipoles in use 
> out there too. <:-))
> You can't drive a car for less than 50 cents a mile unless it's old AND 
> paid for. People make the mistake of thinking it's only the cost of gas 
> when driving. That was with gas cheaper than we have now, but what we 
> have now isn't going to stay cheap. At-any-rate, it'd cost me a minimum 
> of $20 to drive my old car to Saginaw and back so maybe I'd get enough 
> to build three or four and take a couple hams with me.
> If some one wants to purchase one from either company that is fine. OTOH 
> it's fine if they want to build one as well. That too is free enterprise.
> I'd normally build one, but if time were of the essence I'd probably 
> purchase one. After all we aren't talking about amounts that would 
> break most of us. OTOH in this economy I'd not want to neglect saving 
> where I can.
> Now it's back to the shop where my supposedly stable Vista Ultimate ate 
> most of the programs on the computer and it took less than 30 seconds to 
> do it. Oh, and the fan impeller for the top end video card fell off the 
> motor shaft, which then over heated and shut down another computer. 
> <sigh> There are drawbacks to "doing it yourself"<:-)) But I have to 
> admit computers are easier to work on than plumbing and take fewer trips 
> into town. OTOH with all the Hard Drives running on the network 
> failures are not uncommon.
> 73
> Roger (K8RI)
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