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Years ago I used to operate mobile frequently, on 20 & 40 Mtrs.  Many times 
I noticed when crossing over larger rivers, that received signal levels 
would improve considerably.  I never knew if it was the water or the metal 
used in construction of the bridge that caused the improvement.  When I 
reached the other side of the river, received signals would drop back down. 
Can't recall anyone ever commenting that my transmitted signal level 
increased while crossing the river though.

Tim - N3XX

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> Hi Guys,
> Water has a dielectric constant of around 80, high enough to reflect most
> anything, RF included. Beside getting a good ground (read low resistance) 
> you
> also need a low loss surrounding to get a nice reflex of the RF leaving 
> the
> vertical. (Horizontal radiation is not so sensitive to this, I am told.)
> You should get good coverage in the direction of you pond. With the 
> vertical
> in the middle of the pond should be good in all directions.
> I always  wondered about this and know several has with their QTH next  to
> water, salt as well as fresh water ponds/lakes. They all sound better than 
> "the
> rest of us".
> Would suggest you put a vertical i a boat/float of some sort. You could 
> then
> float a feeder on the water out to the float/boat. Would probably be a 
> neat
> article in QST.
> 73 de N2JFS
> Hans
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> Isn't it more likely that the ground characteristics in  that location are
> more favorable than in the previous one?  I can  imagine ground well
> saturated with fresh water as having a sufficient  quantity of ions in
> solution to improve its conductivity  considerably.  The fresh water 
> itself,
> on the other hand, probably  doesn't matter.  Or does it?  Anyone have
> anything beyond  anecdotal experience to pass on?
> 73, Pete N4ZR
> At 09:20 AM  3/17/2009, Roger Parsons wrote:
>>I'm not sure  that this is exactly analagous, but I have a tri-band
>>vertical mounted  right at the edge of a reasonably large lake (~0.5km x
>>20km). I found  that that dramatically improved its performance compared 
>>mounting  it 100m away. The improvement was at least 10dB which changed it
>>from  being a waste of time to a useful second antenna - and the radial
>>system (lots) was identical in each case.
>>73  Roger

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