[TowerTalk] vertical in pond

Jon Kåre Hellan hellan at acm.org
Thu Mar 19 13:35:16 PDT 2009

Dan Zimmerman N3OX wrote:
>> I know they are talking about a Yagi and not a vertical but that antenna
> was only a few feet above >the fresh water ice.
> Ice and water have very different dielectric and conductive properties.

And at Peter Island, the ice was thick, and there was very little 
biological matter underneath.

Underneath a shallow lake, the bottom is soaked. If there are also ions, 
conductivity should be good. Some ponds could have very deep layers of 
humus. Wouldn't there be ions there? But I suspect a swamp is a better 
bet than a pond.

All conjecture, of course. I have no measurements to back it up.


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