[TowerTalk] Fulton or Dutton-Laison Manual Winch Decision

Dennis Vernacchia n6ki73 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 16:29:40 PDT 2009

I am in the process of helping some ham friends in deciding how best to
replace a 4 or 5 to 1 ratio single speed winch
that will be utilized to tilt over and raise a 40 ft 250 to 300 lB Base
rotating Tubular Tower mounted on a Tower Trailer )
( not used to actually raise/lower the 40 ft tubular 2 section tower which
has it’s own winch that works fine at it’s current 4 or 5 to 1 speed ratio )

Rotator is at bottom and rotates entire tower and the antennas are a
Cushcraft A4 small Tribander
and what looks like a Cushcraft Shorty 40 mtr 2 el yagi with short boom

Yes, it's a bit more antenna than the 40 ft tubular tower should ever carry
they just crank this portable setup down if any winds of significance come
during their portable operations. Tower is ALWAYS attended when cranked up !
( so we have a lot of weight at the top of this tower when it is collapsed
and being tilted Up or Down
for horizontal to vertical position or vice versa making it a real bear
crank with current low ratio winch)

OK, now, back to winch question.

(All the winches I am considering utilize anywhere between 12 to 1 to 17 to
1 ratio
besides the normal 4 or 5 to 1 ratio we find unusable. )

We will most likely use a powerful 1/2 inch electric Reversible hand held
drill for tilting
system up and down butt here may be times when someone in the crew has to
crank by hand !
( Yes, I know all about the drill to winch adapter pieces to fabricate )

I have been following the thread on this reflector concerning the Fulton
single speed winch and it appears that it is a good quality winch that meets
most  hams needs
when upgrading from  Fulton 1550 etc. - but only a single speed winch

I would rather we use a 2 speed winch for reasons too lengthy to discuss
right now.

Besides our local Industrial Supplier - Grainger _ who carries the Fulton
( $220 before any wholesale discount we might get ),


or this 2 speed one at Grainger
P/N 3FKE9 ( Dutton-Laison 3KFE9 3200 lB  17.3 and 5.4 to 1 ) - $135 before

http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/items/3FKE9  ( Dutton-Laison 3KFE9 3200 lB
17.3 and 5.4 to 1 ) - $135 before discount

Also, I  was looking at similar ones in *Northern Tool* Catalog and spotted
two 2 speed  winches that I wonder if
anyone has ever purchased or would consider

*P/N 1293-1906  Rated 3200 lBs and 12.2 to 1  and 5.1 to 1  -$110


or this one at $180 *P/N 1298-1906*  *3700 LB model with 15.8 and 5.1 to 1
ratio for $180*


My main concern is the brake mechanism and to get the best one in the winch
we eventually purchase.
and reversing system employed so we have minimum fiddling with teh winch as
sometimes on Tilt Up,
we have to back off and tilt back down for various reasons ( Antenna not
clearing brush or some other issue )

Your advice greatly appreciated ( especially if you have any experience with
the winches offered by Northern Tool
which may or may not have been manufactured by the 2 MFRs I mentioned above

73, Dennis N6KI
San Diego

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