[TowerTalk] 4 square switching relays

dan edwards w5xz at att.net
Wed Mar 25 10:27:08 PDT 2009

for the other guys who like to 'roll their own'

what do people use to switch the elements around the horn?

i have a wiring diagram i like, but the relay choice is
my inquiry.

3 DPDT open frame relays with 12-24 v dc coils? contacts
good for ??? amps for 1.5 kw service? insulation good
enough for 1.5 kw of RF from an amp tuned for the wrong
frequency band? (like when you're 30 hrs into a 48 hr dx
contest, short-handed, listening on a separate rx antenna)

or do these all need to be vacuum relay$?

73, Dan, W5XZ

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