[TowerTalk] Equipment suggestions or donations

Bill Aycock billaycock at centurytel.net
Fri Mar 27 06:32:18 PDT 2009

Marlon-- Thanks for the clarification.

As you  have probably noted, your post had several "Triggers" that were 
contrary to Ham tradition, law, and Mores.  In addition, there were 
indications that you (if unlicensed) were about to break several parts of 
the law we live by.

We, as hams, are proud of our identity as hams; we can identify thousands of 
other Hams, world-wide, by  our Callsign. Mine is W4BSG, and was first 
issued to me, after passing a test on technology, legal aspects, and skills, 
at the FCC office in Boston, Mass., in 1954. In communications such as this 
list, we usually sign our calls. Since you did not, alert signals 
automatically popped up. As it is, those signals were right-- you are not a 

Additional alerts were some of the indicators of a lack of knowledge of the 
rules we live by-- known as "Part 97 of the FCC Code". This is the law about 
electromagnetic radiation, as it pertains to Hams in the United States.

Other alerts applied to ignorance of the Amateur ("Ham") tradition. One of 
the main ones is the providing of emergency communications without getting, 
or expecting, pay.

Enough- You will hear from a lot of others, as I have noted on the list.

Good Luck-- Bill--W4BSG

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> Sorry Bill,
> I'm in Odessa Washington.  I'm not a HAM so I have no call sign.  I'm 
> trying to HELP my local HAMs though.
> I like this list because many of the issues you guys have mirror my own. 
> What to do about towers, coax, insurance etc. are the very same issues I 
> run into as a WISP.
> And, many of my WISP customers are also HAMs who happen to love playing 
> with gear that I pull down or didn't like.  I give a lot of gear, coax 
> etc. to my local HAMs when I know that they want it.
> I hope that helps clear the water.
> marlon
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> From: "Bill Aycock" <billaycock at centurytel.net>
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> Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Equipment suggestions or donations
>> Marlon
>> It would be nice if you would use your call in such posts. Except that I 
>> know of at least one Odessa, I have no clue who you are or where.
>> Bill-W4BSG
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>> From: "Marlon K. Schafer" <ooe at odessaoffice.com>
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>> Subject: [TowerTalk] Equipment suggestions or donations
>>> Hi All,
>>> We bought a large motor home this winter with the idea of doing some 
>>> travel
>>> with the kids and to make it into a mobile command post.  I already have 
>>> it
>>> set up as a free wifi hot spot.  I currently feed it via my existing
>>> wireless network and this part of the project is working great.
>> S N I P

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