[TowerTalk] New tower project

hdmc38 at bellsouth.net hdmc38 at bellsouth.net
Sun May 3 08:48:02 PDT 2009

Good Morning James

Pay a visit to your County Building Official. While your there stop by  the Planning and Zoning Department.Be sure your property is under their jurisdiction. Some Municipalities have their own ordinances on-line so you should research this first. You need to know what codes and other restrictions you will be required to comply with. Be real polite extra to the clerks.They are the people who really know what's going on and how to get it done. The BO has the final say. Get the answers straight from the horses mouth as they say. Ask questions, take notes. If everything is positive send an e-mail to the BO per our meeting date BLA BLA BLA. Amateur radio antenna support structure might be a better term than tower. Good Luck

73 K4XZ Joe Patrick 

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