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Dick Dievendorff dieven at comcast.net
Mon Nov 23 18:17:07 PST 2009

I got the skinny little 25G manual only.  

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Howdy, TowerTalkians --
    I picked up my new Rohn catalog from the mailbox  today and it's the 
whole catalog. I think what happened is that after  the first couple of
Stephanie started sending out the 25 and 45 sections  and not the  whole 
catalog. Other than that I've got no clue. 
    As far as the new catalog goes, I have mixed  feelings about it. It's 
slicker with a lot less engineering and specs and a lot  more white space on

the pages. It's more of a sales tool than hardcore  engineering handbook.  
    They're using the TIA-222 F AND G  revisions which IMO confuses things 
a bunch. The same tower will have two  different ratings for two different 
windspeeds and two different revs. I'm not  an engineer so am only 
peripherally familiar with the 222. Rohn spends a couple  of pages on Rev G
where they 
introduce new specs - structure class, exposure  rating and topographic 
category. Where in the past the old catalog had real  signed engineering 
drawings and some building departments accepted them, I think  anyone trying
use these new ones will only confuse the building department -  I know it 
confused me. 
    Also there are no general engineering notes so  there's no mention of 
the 8.0 square feet of symmetrical mount that's deducted  from the net 
capacity in the older drawings but I think it's been added  back in.  
    I think there are lots of changes as far as the  specs go so be sure to 
check the CURRENT information. For example:
Old    45G 100'    70  MPH    22.2 square feet    guys: all  3/16"
New  45G  100'    70  MPH    24.3 square feet - Rev  F    guys: top - 1/4", 
bottom 3/16"  
New  #2    45G     90 MPH   17.0  square feet - Rev G    guys: top - 1/4", 
bottom  3/16" 
    So I think that the new Rohn catalog looks good but  now even more you 
need to get an engineer involved in your installation to get  the right 
specs translated to your requirements. And if you're going to  get a
Steve      K7LXC
PS - I'm not an engineer so any additional clarification appreciated. 

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