[TowerTalk] element size question

John Hudson jd_hudson at comcast.net
Mon Oct 12 15:09:17 PDT 2009

I'm looking at the LB Cibek 12/17m 4 element  (2 on each band) that was out
of the Aug 2000 QST and his description gave a tapered elements starting at
.625 OD  in the center being one length and then a .75 OD in the center
being a different length and a third detail with the same diameter elements
being a different length


But what I am going to use are the elements from a couple of old TA-33's and
I have enough aluminum to make this work but the OD of the TA-33 elements
are 1 1/8" OD in the center for 3' from center  and then another 3' of 1"OD
on each end then use two more tapered lengths to reach the required lengths


NOW I do not know how to use the modeling software but I'm the type to use a
description and build it and then "adjust" as I go!!


My questions is using the 1 1/8" OD  then stepped down to 1" OD for  12' of
each element so how much difference will that make the elements


In  the article there was 4.4" difference in the reflector just in the OD
size difference so any help to get started would be appreciated







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