[TowerTalk] Tic Ring 1022E Installation Warning

Randall K Martin rkmassoc at comcast.net
Thu Oct 22 14:45:25 PDT 2009

I am almost finished installing a new model 1022E tic ring.  I have to 
say, the new changes that have been made since my two older models are 
really great.  The ring is much easier to put together, and there are 
added braces on the sides that I can see will make it a much more stable 

I do have a warning, though.  Today, I climbed up the tower to install 
the drive motor.  The instructions for assembling the frame are pretty 
hard to follow, and it turns out that you can mount the frame 
"backwards" on rohn 45 tower.  If you mount it "backwards" like I did, 
then when you go up there to mount the drive motor, you will find that 
the frame mounting plates are in the way of the motor.  After a few 
expletives, it will become obvious that the only solution is to move the 
mounting plates to the correct side.

The frame sides *MUST* attach to the tower legs near the right hand edge 
of each side as you are looking at the tower.  This leaves room on the 
left side for the motor mount to slide against the ring gear.

The photo in the 1022E manual shows a larger tic ring and frame being 
mounted on a crankup tower, and the attachment plates are roughly in the 
center of the frame piece.

Had I spent a bit more time thinking things through, maybe I would have 
figured this out ahead of time and saved some extra work.  I should have 
known better, having installed two other rings in the past.  Live and learn.

Randy Martin

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