[TowerTalk] Polyphasers

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Thu Sep 3 22:16:02 PDT 2009

Sure I would.

Clearly you did not read it. It did not say theirs are better - I said that.

Why don't you take the time to read the technical information before 
demonstrating what you do not know?

73's Tom - N4NW

At 12:35 AM 9/4/2009, Jim Rhodes K0XU wrote:
>Would you really expect their technical information to say that 
>somebody else's product was better than their own?
>At 07:27 PM 9/3/2009, N4NW wrote:
>>Why not save a lot of money and purchase the HF RF protectors from
>>ICE. They are better - offering better protection and cost much less.
>>4KW CCS/ 8KW SSB are $46.00 each + shipping.
>>Also there is significant technical information on the same web page
>>on why the ICE radio products are superior to Polyphaser.
>>73's Tom, N4NW
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