[TowerTalk] Offer: Prosistel PST 2051D

N4NW n4nw at n4nw.org
Mon Sep 7 15:35:19 PDT 2009

Available for Sale:

New, never removed from the original box -- Prosistel model PST2051D 
rotator with digital controller & all OEM included accessories. 
Rotator is designed for heavy duty antenna loads of up 23 square feet.
Rotation range is 500 degrees, 1760 "lbs starting torque, 6250 "lb of 
brake torque, 12vdc motor using 5 wire control cable. Controller is 
Complete specifications:  http://www.prosistel.net/home-e/default.html
Software control using RS-232 interface and all major ham logging programs.
Price is $1,200.00 plus shipping.

XYL is just not going to allow another tower so I do not need an 
extra rotator! :(

Tom Gregory,

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