[TowerTalk] Polyphasers

N4NW n4nw at n4nw.org
Wed Sep 9 18:30:17 PDT 2009

Been over a year since I ordered. However their web page is operational.

Unfortunately with the proliferation of spam email is often lost in the QRM

Have your tried the phone?

Tom, N4NW

At 12:56 PM 9/9/2009, Philip Leonard WVØT wrote:
>I cannot get I.C.E. to fulfill an order, nor do they respond to emails.
>   Do they still exist?
>N4NW wrote:
> > Why not save a lot of money and purchase the HF RF protectors from
> > ICE. They are better - offering better protection and cost much less.
> >
> > http://www.iceradioproducts.com/impulse1.html#1
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