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On tower maintenance for the military we used a layer of "Self Vulcanizing Tape" which had the liner, and over that a layer of good vinyl tape.  I continue to do that today and have never had a failure, even when I lived in New England where the winters punished connections.  As far as which "Self Vulcanizing" tape to use, I use the least expensive one I can find at my local Lowe's.  It still has a liner which can be a pain to split off the tape but I find it lasts a lot longer than linerless tape which I have had fuse together on me after a while.  The one thing I remember, both hearing (when I was a technician) and saying (when I was the supervisor) is to never tear any tape, use your scissors, and you won't end up with little black flags on your connections.

Clint - W5CPT

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  There seems to be consensus on the usefulness of a first layer of Scotch 
  linerless tape when wrapping connectors, etc.  The question is, which 
  tape?  The RFC has type 40, most references seem to be to type 130, and 
  Home Depot now sells 2242, all for about the same price.  Can anyone 
  disambiguate this (doncha love Wikipedia...)?

  73, Pete N4ZR
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