[TowerTalk] TR-44 rotors

Steve Katz stevek at jmr.com
Tue Sep 15 12:57:31 PDT 2009

The only problem is, the TR-44 has no brake.

Even a "small" tribander (usually) has elements that are 25-30 feet long which catch a lot of wind and make the beam "windmill."

That can cause various types of damage, often to the feedline or connections.

I'd prefer an old, rebuilt HAM-M series (HAM-M, HAM-II, HAM-III, HAM-IV, whatever) because they all have brakes.


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Does anyone on the list have experience or comments (good/bad) concering the CDE TR44 rotors?  I know these are older unit, but would one relubed and such still work good for a small tribander?

73s John AA5JG


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