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>  Is it just me, or does is seem counterintuitive to have the  fall arrest
point on the harness in the center of your back?  It seems  like that would
tend to pitch your head forward, making it more likely to  smash your face
into the tower bracing?  I've fallen lots of times  rock climbing with the
rope attached to the front of my harness at waist  level.  That allows your
arms and feet to stay in front of you so you  can control (somewhat) how you
contact the rock, and regain  footing/handholds quickly.
    Different situation, different effects. Falling  while rock climbing is 
relatively common so you're more or less prepared for  it and conscious so 
you can react and keep yourself in some sort of upright  orientation - more 
or less.
    Falling while tower climbing is relatively rare  and a big surprise. 
You typically still have your wits about you so you can  fend for yourself to 
some extent as in our above example. Up to this point  both falls are 
basically the same. The difference is when you fall out of  control or are knocked 
unconscious. The D-ring between your shoulder  blades catches you and holds 
you in a more natural hanging position. Hitting  the end of a fall while 
secured to the front of your harness will result  in you being caught spread 
eagle with a big shock to your back probably  resulting in much more serious 
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