[TowerTalk] US Tower PE work in NJ?

ke2d at comcast.net ke2d at comcast.net
Tue Sep 29 20:52:36 PDT 2009

Has anyone been successful in having a US Tower HDX-589 crank up tower certified by a P.E. for a 120mph wind zone as per EIA / TIA 222 Rev G.?  

For that matter, has anyone recently had a PE perform an analysis of said tower for a successful permit in NJ, especially the base/foundation? 

My township is requiring a soils test, a NJ PE designed base/foundation, and PE certified plans of the tower.   

With all the 100+MPH zones in densely populated areas, it amazes me that UST can only offer me a 90MPH analysis document for their towers.  Yet I see a lot of hams with UST models in these same wind zones.  I guess it all comes down to your individual town's building department requirements.  My last qth was in a township which granted a permit with only a survey showing the tower's location; my new qth towship is much more advanced. 




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