[TowerTalk] Balun Question

Cycle-24 aluminumtubing at gmail.com
Fri Aug 6 09:12:07 PDT 2010

Hello tower talk experts.  I have been using air wound 1:1 coax baluns for
years with great success on our antennas.  They are reliable and have never
failed in the heat of a contest.  However, I've recently discovered
commercially available, very impressive looking, 1:1 baluns made out of
ferrite cores enclosed in small weather proof boxes.  The builder claims
that his baluns are better than using ferrite rods, beads, or air wound
baluns, but does not give any specifics as to why.

What do people use out there for 1:1 baluns on their dipole or Yagi
antennas? Is there any real difference between using cores, beads, or air
wound coaxial baluns?


Kevin N5DX

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