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Correct, they don't. You can look at the string in it and see how good it
is. Before ending up in an office after climbing 15 years on Broadcast and
Wireless towers
I saw a little bit of everything being used. People riding the line, using
homemade chairs, winch's with friction brakes on a 5HP B&S engine. Just
about everything.

The point here is, your LIFE depends on it, gravity works, and why take a
chance over a few bucks? Buy NEW.

An new product from DBI-SALA, the Exofit-NEX harness, is now available. (I
don't work for them) 

The following are some of the complaints with the current XP Type harness

.	Leg straps continually loosen during climbing activity on the
current Exofits. 
.	Most frequent complaint is its too heavy
.	Engineered for general industry
.	Limited options for connecting trail-end of pelican hook increasing
the risk of hip-loading.
.	Sizing problems with regard to waist belt and harness size
.	The XP doesn't rate well with the current options available

The following are design improvements on the NEX Harness:

.	The new version has tear-away lanyard keepers to prevent hip
.	The Exofit-NEX is the next generation made specifically for tower
.	Increased 3-D mesh lining for better cooling
.	Built in pocket for two-way radio.
.	Stand-up back D-Ring with wear indicator
.	Impact indicators on the back straps, making gear inspections easier
.	Built in reflective tape for better visibility 
.	Improved Quick-Connect buckle hardware
.	Includes trauma straps built in to prevent positional asphyxia.
.	The new version claims to be 5 times more abrasion resistant.
.	Most popular of all, it's lighter.

I attached a pic of their new harness. It looks nice!  Although I don't
climb but my own towers anymore so I'm still using my old one. But I want
one of these! NEW.

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>  If I'm not mistaken, OSHA requires an expiration date on  them..
Greetings, TowerTalkians --
    I don't think that's correct. I've sold OSHA  compliant safety equipment
for almost 20 years (_www.championradio.com_
(http://www.championradio.com) ) and I've never  seen an expiration date.
What OSHA does require is for it to be inspected before  every use. The
stuff is typically made from nylon and other petroleum based  materials and
will last for many years with average use. 
    As for used equipment, I'd be a slightly  skeptical. If something has
little use and little wear, I don't have a big  problem with using it - my
current safety equipment was pre-owned. 
    Of course you're cautioned about loaning your  personal stuff out but
it's up to you. For the VERY occasional use that amateurs  use their safety
equipment, it's not too big of a stretch to see where  something might be
totally reliable for years. BUT IT'S UP TO YOU TO CHECK IT  OUT in any case.

    I've seen amateurs climb with stuff that scared the  crap out of me. In
that case, used OSHA compliant equipment would be a BIG  improvement!
Steve    K7LXC
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