[TowerTalk] Fw: TX-472 Crank-up issue

Alan Swinger awswinger at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 15 18:26:31 PDT 2010

I have a US Tower TX-472 MDPL motorized 72 ft crank-up tower; just coming up on 4 yrs old. After setting it on a new base at a new QTH, noticed that the cables for the 2nd and 3rd sections (from the top) were rubbing on the steel webbing in several places near the top of both sections. The rubbing has caused wear on the webbing such that the galvanized coating appears to be gone in that I can see shiny metal, with wear to a depth of about 1/32nd in. 
Have called US Tower and am in discussion. Their response so far is to chg cables and pulleys. However, had a knowledgeable tower guy here last week and we moved the pulley frames in hopes that would realign cables away from the webbing . . . but to no avail.

Anybody else had a similar problem, and also could suggest a solution?

Alan K9MBQ

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