[TowerTalk] cable locating

Joseph or Ruth Patrick hdmc38 at bellsouth.net
Mon Aug 30 12:05:27 PDT 2010

I think the point here is most everywhere has an underground locate service. You 
call them up before you dig, They come out locate the lines and give you a 
number or receipt that proves you called first.If the guy won't locate or mark 
where you want complain until he does his job.I've had all utilities come on 
private property and locate. You think there stuff does not run under private 
property? Think again.You really don't know whats down there until you get 
there.I had my operator sit in the machine for 2 days because the person that 
was responsible to set up the locate did not do there job. Rip up a fiber optic 
line that serves the hospital 2 blocks down, or how about an 8" gas line. Ask 
Con ED if they know where all there high pressure steam lines are. They 
don't.Your lucky if they can find the right valve to shut it down. The point is 
if you rip out somonelses stuff you have to pay to fix it. You think my boss was 
mad for letting that operator sit there 2 days? you bet he was. Until the the 
next morning about 8:30 AM another operator ripped out a 6" gas line and OOPS 
they forgot to call for a locate.We all went to the bar and got paid.Just call 
and CYA is all you have to do.
 73 K4XZ Joe Patrick 


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