[TowerTalk] Red-Tailed Hawks

Chris Wendling cpwendling at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 4 06:23:38 PST 2010

Does anyone have experience with red-tailed hawks...?




While hang gliding in the Appalachians west of Charlottsville, VA,
there have been many occasions when a Red Tail Hawk would pull up and
fly next to the glider while soaring the mountain top. Mostly they were
curious.  They would drop their legs to create lots of drag to
"stay up" with our equipment.  I am only aware of one occasion
where a Red Tail got aggresive, attacking a glider. No damage, and no
extended fight: more of a "you are in my territory, please leave
ASAP".   I would take at least protective cautions on the tower. (helmet?)



Chris - AI4MI


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