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Fri Feb 12 08:41:03 PST 2010

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The  difference between 40 db over 9 and 41 dB over 9 or even S8 and S9 is
very  hard to measure, but it is sure easy to tell the difference between  a
signal right at the noise floor and one 6 dB above  it!

It surely is.  Being able to have the three extra dBs on rx  allows you to 
work that very last layer of stations calling in  contests.
Now if your just going to ragchew with your buddy 1000 miles  away on 20, 
buy some off brand RG 58, enjoy the savings and buy a case of  beer.  For the 
contest nuts like me, I'll bypass the beer and go for the  extra dB(s).
Bill KH7XS

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