[TowerTalk] 25G questions.

WA7DXZ at aol.com WA7DXZ at aol.com
Mon Feb 22 17:00:29 PST 2010

I want to erect a Rohn 25G tower,  30 ft above ground. A small  3  el  
tribander on it.  I have to satisfy my county engineers as to the  safety of the 
tower installation. It will also be bracketed to the house in two  
Problem is, I cannot really go 3 ft by 3 ft, by 4 ft deep for a  
hole/concrete.  The tower is too close to my house. Rohn makes a  concrete/baseplate, 
that sits in concrete, the legs of the tower slip over  that.  Would that be 
of any use to me, rather than bury 3 ft of tower in  concrete?
What is the minimum size hole I can dig, considering it is only 30 ft tall, 
 and has a tribander  (CushCraft A3) on top.
Right now, the tower sits on 3-- 3/4 inch pipes  buried 3 ft deep,,,  tower 
slips over those, they are simply pounded into the hard AZ ground. Then  
bracketed to the house in two directions. It  is solid as a rock, but...  not 
sure that would satisfy the "engineers". One thing they want to make sure  
of, is that it wont fall off your property, mine wont, by a long shot. 
I need some  "expert advice".  They ask for Mfgr specs, I cant  find any 
for a 30 ft tower,  bracketed. 
Bob wa7dxz  DM33

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