[TowerTalk] M2 20M5 SWR - WX0B SIXPACK

Richard (Rick) Karlquist richard at karlquist.com
Fri Jan 1 11:53:48 PST 2010

john at kk9a.com wrote:

> I have all setup properly, according to sixpack manual it´s connected to a
> reliable 13.8V power supply (same Kenwood PS I used to power the radio) and
> not to a 12V wall plug supply.

This whole relay coil voltage discussion makes me wonder whether these
relays are really "12V" relays, and not 24V relays.  True 12V relays
will typically pull in at 6 to 8V (they just take longer) and will
certainly pull in at 12V every time.  OTOH, 24V relays will often
sort of work from a 12V supply, especially if it is really 13.8V.
24V relays are much more common and often available at reduced prices.
The relays could also be mismarked.  I bought dozens of relays marked
"24V" that turned out to be 6V relays.  The seller did not realize
this and said he got them surplus or on the gray market.  The relays
were worth far more to me as 6V relays than 24V relays, so I was

Supposedly these relays are custom made.  In that case, it should be
possible to wind the coil so it works on, say 10V, so that in any
nominally 12V system, it would always function.

Rick N6RK

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