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Sun Jan 3 09:36:26 PST 2010

Hello, TowerTalkians --
Steve     K7LXC
>  First, we wish a Happy/Healthy New Year to everyone and your  family 
and friends!

We publish and maintain two of the most important  and popular sites on 
the Internet pertaining to antennas and radio-related  topics. We 
appreciate your support of these sites, www.antennex.com and  
www.cebik.com and its 120,000 monthly traffic enjoyed. 2009 has been 
an  exceptional year and we look forward to 2010. Thank you all!

The purpose  of this message is to let folks know that the special 
offer for the new  535-page book release of "Antennas Made from Wires - 
Vol 1" to be followed  with Volume 2 shortly after January 1 has been 
extended from the scheduled  expiration today (Dec. 31) to the date of 
the Volume 2 release in early  January 2010.

This 2-Volume book series and models are based on the works  of a 
master, LB Cebik, W4RNL (SK). Volume 1 starts with the wire basics and  
progresses to more complex designs. Volume 2 will contain even more  
complex designs. These 2 books surely will cover the antenna needs of  
most readers as well as a great learning experience.

The purchase of  Volume 1 and the reservation of an advance copy of 
Volume 2 prior to its  release earns a free bonus of 100+ wire modeling 
files (in both NEC &  EZNEC). Those wire models will be shipped (or 
available for download)  immediately with Volume 1 now available.

Volume 2 delivery will follow as  soon as production is finished. After 
that date, the bonus files will no  longer be included. Be sure to 
place your order before that date to save 26%  with the bonus!

We are extending the special offer because this wire  series has proved 
to be one of the most popular of our book  releases.

Folks who purchase downloads will be notified when, how and  where to 
download Volume 2 when ready. Those who purchase the CD-ROM  version, 
Volume 2 will be shipped as soon as available to the same address  as 
Volume 1.

For more info about this special offer, please see this  page:


For  lots of other good things like more books, software,
etc. -- more than 100  products:

All the  best,
Rosetta (Rosie) Stone

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