[TowerTalk] LP v SteppIR

brahmangou at aol.com brahmangou at aol.com
Sat Jan 23 10:37:55 PST 2010

Hi Gene,
That is exactly what I did. I weighed each parameter, but the results were  
inconclusive. So I put up 8 towers and bought a lot of antennas and  
weighed them against each other. I found out that Bill Orr had everything just  
about right in his books. I put up 2 and 4 element quads from different  
manufacturers, the T-8 log periodic, monoband yagis and trap yagis also from  
different manufacturers. All things considered from my perspective, The Log is  
cheap, light , easy, broadbanded, sufficient gain, automatic band  
switching, unlimited power and duty rating, light wind loading, and  directly fed 
without matching devices or a balun. PERSONALLY I like  it.
There is a ton of information from hams on which antenna is best, problem  
is most of the information is from hams either with only one antenna or 
someone  who has just replaced a worn out 40 year old antenna with a new one. I 
wanted to  find out for myself.
Marty AB5GU

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