[TowerTalk] lp V stepIR

Steve, W3AHL w3ahl at att.net
Sun Jan 24 10:57:53 PST 2010

Seems like a good idea, except the parasitic elements of the other antennas 
really mess up the pattern, etc!

I took a standard LPDA and put one 10' away firing into the original and 
removed its source.  Gain drops by 3-4 dB and the F/B ratio drops to about 
50-60% of the single LPDA.  The signal barely knows whether its coming or 

Steve, W3AHL
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> Steve, W3AHL wrote:
>> Construction details for an 80-40m wire LPDA are in the ARRL Antenna
>> Handbook, 20th Edition.  It could easily be extended to higher bands.
>> You need a large family to rotate it and a large field if you're going 
>> for
>> any height....
> I've always thought that since the beamwidth is fairly wide (90
> degrees-ish) that you could build 4 or more around a central point, and
> then use some sort of power dividing scheme to "rotate" the beam. (or
> heck, just point in one of 4 directions, at worst, you're down 3dB)
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